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T.I.G./M.I.G. Welding

Miller Synchrowave 351 T.I.G. Welder (Qty. 2)

Coolmate™ 4 coolant system for each machine

Miller 330-ST Aircrafter T.I.G. welder

Constant current AC/DC with XR extended reach wire feeder

Miller CP-200 M.I.G. Welder

Constant potential DC arc welding power source with Millermatic S-54E wire feeder/M.I.G. gun assembly

Airco Pulse Arc 350 M.I.G. Welder with Remote Control

Spot Welding

Federal Spot Welder 50 KVA with Entron Controller

Miller 15 KVA Portable Spot Welder


Hypertherm Max-70 Plasma Arc Cutting System

3/4" Aluminum, Cold-Rolled Steel and Stainless Steel capacity

Oxygen and Acetylene Cutting and Brazing Torch Set (Qty. 2)

1/8" thick x 4' wide capacity

Miscellaneous Welding Support Equipment

Aircrafter 10" Horizontal/Vertical Positioning Table

Thermolyne Type 2000, 700 degree Hot Plate

Nederman Smoke Extractor

Torit Porta-Trunk Model PT-1000 Smoke Extractor

WeldSale 5' x 8' Platen Cast Iron weld tables, complete with a large selection of WeldSale Flex Tooling (Qty. 6)

EnerPac 10 Ton HD Hydraulic Maintenance Set

Grinding and Deburring

Ramco 37T Belt Sanding/Graining/Deburring Machine

36" wide capacity

PMC 202-6 Stroke Sander

6" x 72" capacity

Scantool 3" x 79" Belt Sander

Scantool 6" x 79" Belt Sander

Zero Blast-N-Peen Bead Blaster

Grivna Wet Dust Collecting System

Raytech Adjusta-Vibe Finishing Machine

Pedestal Deburring Grinders, 1- h.p. (Qty. 3)

Large assortment of pneumatic hand tools


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